At the Core

Culture of Safety

At Reynolds, we maintain the highest level of safety for our manufacturing teams and for the customers who ultimately utilize our equipment in the field. Our engineers continuously find ways to make our industry processes and equipment safer by design, helping to reduce risk before customers even take delivery.

Throughout the manufacturing process, our well-trained personnel have the authority to stop work, without questions asked or fear of retribution, if they see anything that is not aligned with safety protocols and procedures – no matter the financial or scheduling impact of their concerns.

If it’s not safe, it’s not happening.


Health Safety Environmental

Picture1.jpgWhile ESP technology has been around for a long time, our team is committed to educating and training our customers to achieve the safest operations in the field. Every installation service is conducted by a Reynolds electrical engineer to ensure the highest levels of safety available. 

  • Rigorous safety training and standards both at facilities and in the field
  • Less power consumption, achieve more horsepower without taxing the grid
  • Less downtime means less personnel on site and enhanced safety

Reynolds Lift PMM Safety Program

  • Program began in August 2019 with growing list of trainees from operators and pump companies
  • Mobile Safety Training Trailer
  • Live demonstration with real PMM
  • Hands-On field personnel training
  • Comprehensive combination padlock program designed to prevent access to any potentially energized component at the well location

Transportation and Handling

  • Preassembled
    • Reduces the total amount of equipment moved from the trailer to the rig floor
    • Reduced pinch points during ESP assembly
  • Motor Cradle
    • Reduces the free movement of the motor assembly from the trailer to the floor
    • Secure load during transportation

Proper ESP Grounding Standard Operating Procedures

  • Detailed operating procedures are provided by Reynolds Lift
  • Reynolds Lift leads the industry in PMM safety
  • Reynolds Lift will ensure your ESP assets are properly grounded by installing the Thunderbolt as part of the 5 Step Best Practice Installation Process.