Case Study

Reynolds Permanent Magnet Motor Stays Cool Under Pressure

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Reynolds Permanent Magnet Motor Stays Cool Under Pressure

Ride-Thru Gas Locking Events

  • Max 4°F winding temperature rise during gas lock for RLT Motor
  • Does not cause unnecessary shutdowns
  • Intake temperature ~157°F

Motor Loads Cycled from 38% up to 65%

  • PMM 90-91% efficient at these loads
  • Heat generated ~8kW
  • Minimal temp rise when other motors would have shutdown

Fluid Velocity

  • Flowing:        ~3.5 ft/sec
  • When gas locked:    ~0.05 ft/sec




What Our Customers Are Saying

“Reynolds has been a valuable partner for our gas lift to ESP conversions. Their technical expertise, close attention to field service, quick response times, and ongoing well optimization have turned our project into a company-wide success story.”

— Tony Long, Production Engineer, PDC Energy


“Reynolds’ 3.99” OD motor is a great solution to have in our toolkit – specifically when needing 400+ HP in 5-1/2” casing applications.”

— Levi Harris, Production Manager, Colgate Energy