Case Study

Overcoming Utility Grid Limitations with PMM

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Are you experiencing limitations from Oncor that are impacting your ability to operate your Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) systems as needed? We’ve been hearing about these issues and want to assure you that we have a solution that can help maintain your production. It’s crucial to maintain your production levels and targets without being at the mercy of external factors like energy providers.

At Reynolds Lift, we have a solution that can help eliminate these issues. Our 3.99 OD and 5.19 OD PMM motors are engineered to require significantly less kVA than traditional induction motors, allowing you to operate your ESPs efficiently and without compromising on the number of units you can use for your assets. This means you can maintain your production levels and meet your targets, all while keeping control in your hands and not in the hands of Oncor.


  • Two wells in the same pad
  • ESP installed within a week
  • Both set at same depth
  • Both with 1750s pumps and same stage count
  • Dedicated power meters installed on each well


  • Side by side comparison of induction motor vs. permanent magnet motor power consumption


  • Both units ran at same speed 3600rpm
  • Similar flowrates ~1000-1200bfpd throughout case study
  • Similar draw down on both units, pump intake pressure ~1000psi
  • IM unit show current fluctuation for 35% of motor nameplate while PMM unit ran under steady motor current
  • Average kVA consumption on IM is ~25% greater than PMM
  • Average kW consumption on IM is ~18% greater than PMM







What Our Customers Are Saying

“Reynolds has been a valuable partner for our gas lift to ESP conversions. Their technical expertise, close attention to field service, quick response times, and ongoing well optimization have turned our project into a company-wide success story.”

— Tony Long, Production Engineer, PDC Energy


“Reynolds’ 3.99” OD motor is a great solution to have in our toolkit – specifically when needing 400+ HP in 5-1/2” casing applications.”

— Levi Harris, Production Manager, Colgate Energy