Case Study

PROJECT: ESP Conversion from Gas Lift, Reeves County

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reeves-county.pngA leading operator in the Delaware Basin was in search of a more cost effective and reliable artificial lift production solution. The operator was using single point gas lift injection in 5.5”, 23# cased wells. As the reservoir pressure declined, gas lift became increasingly less effective at sustaining acceptable production levels. The well’s declining production was partially the result of back pressure inherently present in gas lifted wells in unconventional reservoirs.

Reynolds Solution

Reynolds Lift provided a viable, cost-effective solution providing energy savings while increasing draw-down and maximizing production. Reynolds replaced 7 gas-lifted wells with 3000 BFPD ESP systems with the Reynolds 3.99” 425HP Permanent Magnet Motor.


The production increased from 400 BOPD prior to the project to 3300 BOPD after the project was completed. This increase in oil production resulted in a $6M increase in revenue in a period of 40 days for the operator. With the success of the first Reynolds ESP system, the operator installed 6 additional ESP systems to increase the total production from this field. The operator mentioned the new Reynolds powered ESP results during their third quarter operations report as a strong driver for increased production for the 4th Quarter and into 2022.

ESP Conversions From Gas Lift Study

  • Replaced gas lift on 7 wells
  • Installed 425HP 399 PMM ESP systems
  • +600% BOE production
  • +440% ROI first 3 months

Barrels of Oil Equivalent Per Day



What Our Customers Are Saying

“Reynolds has been a valuable partner for our gas lift to ESP conversions. Their technical expertise, close attention to field service, quick response times, and ongoing well optimization have turned our project into a company-wide success story.”

— Tony Long, Production Engineer, PDC Energy


“Reynolds’ 3.99” OD motor is a great solution to have in our toolkit – specifically when needing 400+ HP in 5-1/2” casing applications.”

— Levi Harris, Production Manager, Colgate Energy