Turnkey ESP Systems

Integrated Artificial Lift Solutions

Improving Well Economics with 
Powerful ESP Systems

Reynolds Lift Technologies now offers full ESP systems to go along with our powerful American-made permanent magnet motors. Our new integrated artificial lift solutions will power our portfolio of efficient and reliable PMMs with market-leading ESP systems built on decades of technological advancements and proven reliability in the toughest downhole conditions. We offer 4 unmatched operating range ESP systems in the market to handle all customer production needs.

Full ESP System - Single Provider


ESP-System-Diagram---Page-1.jpgFEATURES AND BENEFITS


  • Single provider – easy logistics
  • Highly qualified and educated engineering team for application review and production optimization
  • Highly responsive and knowledgeable field service team for installation/pulls, startups and troubleshooting
  • Dedicated sales personnel partner with operators to understand specific needs and ensure our ESP System solutions fit business goals
  • 4 reliable system offerings can help operators produce from 50 to 8200 bpd


  • Exceptional pump hydraulic design ensures high efficiency
  • Unmatched operating range with steep rising head curve to shut in
  • Improved pump bearing system allows ESP system to withstand elevated temperature during short-term operations with gas slugs


  • High performance RLT PM Motor ride-thru gas lock events avoiding unnecessary shutdowns
  • Reduce well downtime and deferred oil production
  • Minimize power consumption across operating range with our Texas-made PMM
  • Modular horsepower & rugged dependability
  • Generous CT line clearance in tight casing application with slim line motor design
  • Compatible with every modern drive on the market



  • Wells with power supply constraints
  • Wells with expected high initial production and rapid declination
  • Unconventional oil and gas fields
  • Horizontal or deviated wells
  • Abrasive applications
  • Gassy applications



Pump Curves