Sand Protection

Effective Solution for Downhole Sand and Solid Separation

Reynolds Lift Sand Protection

SIO2 "Sand" Slayer™

slayer-vertical-inset.jpgReynolds’ SiO2 Slayer™ offers a premium and effective solution for downhole sand and solid separation for artificial lift applications including ESPs, rod pumps, and PCPs. The passive device utilizes patented separating technology to provide best in class separation and field proven reliability. The short overall length and integrated cup packer promotes quick and safe field installations for fast makeups and quick refurbishments. The hardened stainless steel design won't part off and leave you stuck fishing tailpipe!


  • Patented separating technology that operates over a broad flow range
  • Short overall length contains cup packer assembly
  • No rotation of tailpipe assembly or ESP equipment required – decreases rig time and improves safety
  • Passive device with hardened flow wetted components for enhanced performance in high solid laden fluids
  • Vortex action does not impinge housing which contributes to trouble free operation

Technical Specifications

  • Operates up to 5,000 bpd
  • Separating efficiencies tested up to 85%
  • Minimal pressure drop across tool throughout flow range
  • Fits most applications and swappable cup packers make fitting different casing sizes simple


4.00" 5- 1/2" Up to 5,000 bpd
4.00" 7" Up to 5,000 bpd


Sand Slayer In Action