ESP Accessories

Specialized Equipment to Keep Your Field Safe and On Track

ESP Accessories

At Reynolds, we understand the responsibility placed on every piece of equipment we ship to our customers. Whether we are utilizing our on-site test well for ESP engineering, design, and testing, or engaging our in-house Dyno to test customer-owned motors up to 800 HP, we take great pride in delivering maximum safety, uptime, and performance.

  • Engineered, custom motor solutions
  • ESP design support
  • Drive engineering services
  • Onsite 9 5/8” x 150’ test well for ESP motors up to 800HP

Our Core Product Lines


RLT Permanent Magnet Motors

Reynolds has engineered and manufactured Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) offering significant advantages over traditional induction motors. Our unique and proprietary magnets, winding, and modular connections promote very short overall lengths, large power densities, efficient power outputs, and sizing specifically for your application.



SiO2 (Sand) Slayer™

Reynolds’ SiO2 Slayer™ is a downhole sand and solid separating device for all downhole pumping applications. It is the only separator that will not part off and leave you stuck fishing tailpipe.


PMM Accessories


Motor Cradle Delivery System

Our first-in-class PMM delivery system improves equipment reliability for seamless deployment. Once the motors are loaded securely onto the truck for shipping, they are field-ready for installation.


Intelligent Harmonic Filter

Innovative solution to keep your power clean and reliable. Designed to accommodate all pumping needs with intelligent onboard monitoring and power quality analysis – meeting IEEE 519 requirements at a competitive price.

  • One Size Fits all pump needs
  • Intelligent On-Board Monitoring
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Intelligent Power Quality Analyzer
  • Meets IEEE 519 Requirement

Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) for ESPs and gas lift compressors give you control over your production. However, they significantly pollute the power quality of the site and grid by introducing substantial harmonic current distortion (THID). The addition of an Intelligent harmonic filter reduces harmonic current distortion below 5%, ensuring compliance with IEEE-519 and protecting other on-site equipment. Furthermore, HPF filters perform well under partial load conditions, are generator compatible, and utilize high-reliability capacitors.


One Size Fits All Pump Speeds

  • Excellent partial load performance
  • No need to re-size the filter for different ESP loads/speeds
  • Simple wiring connections
  • No complicated programming for VSD
  • Generator compatible
  • No capacitor maintenance

Intelligent On-Board Monitoring

  • Cellular based Power Quality monitor installed in filter
  • Allows real-time monitoring of voltage, current, harmonics
  • Full-featured monitoring included for 3 months with filter purchase

Competitive Pricing

  • $1,000s less than other commercially available filters
  • Standard ESP application size of 485A always stocked

Intelligent Power Quality Analyzer

  • Gives much more insight over a single static measurement
  • Allows rapid identification of other potential problems

Meets IEEE 519

  • Reduces current distortion below 5% THID
  • Eliminates nuisance tripping of other equipment
  • Prevent damage to nearby ESP drives and other equipment


Thunderbolt ESP Surge Suppressor

Thunderbolt™ ESP Surge Suppressor will protect your oilfield investment against lightning strikes.


  • Longest-Lasting, Rugged, Explosion-Proof Product
  • Steel Case, Hinged Lid with Clamps on all Sides and Explosion
  • Vent Holes on the Bottom
  • Potted in the Highest Grade Industrial Epoxy
  • Products are Tested with a Simulated Lightning Strike to
  • Ensure the Design and Materials Do Not Fail


  • Eliminate Lost Production from Failure
  • Protect Your Investment in Equipment and Installation
  • Avoid Explosion Disaster and Repair Costs
  • Prevent Degradation of the ESP Cable Down to the Motor
  • Reduce Recovery from a Catastrophic Strike to Replacement of a TVSS


PMM Safety Training

While ESP technology has been around for a long time, our team is committed to educating and training our customers to achieve the safest operations in the field. Every installation service is conducted by a Reynolds electrical engineer to ensure the highest levels of safety available.


In-Basin Service

Reynolds creates the most forward-thinking equipment available to the artificial lift industry. At our core however, we are problem solvers. Every product we offer began life as our successful solution to a customer’s specific needs. With our customer-centric focus, we have complete in-basin service – equipment stock in Midland, Pecos and Houston, with delivery available anywhere in the Permian basin.

We also provide on-location support with field service technicians at every installation. Simply put, we are here to make your artificial lift a success. Contact us today – we’re ready to help solve your toughest production challenges.

Proper ESP Grounding Procedure

Reynolds Lift Will Ensure your ESP Assets are Properly Grounded by Installing the Thunderbolt as part of the 5 Step Best Practice Installation Process. DOWNLOAD RLT SAFETY CARD INFORMATION